Raven And Beast Boy Kiss

Nov 21, 2018 – I loved Teen Titans and I always love Beast Boy and Raven as a romantic couple just like I love Robin and Starfire as a couple. Beast Boy is a vegetarian animal shapeshifter and Raven is a super heroine witch magician and daughter of the devil named Trigon. Beast Boy and Raven are perfect and wonderful together. See more ideas about Beast boy, Teen titans, Beast.

So maybe the person below should grow up and get a little more educated. — hell no raven woulden’t kiss beast boy who ever sent this is stupid have u ever seen teen titans raven hardly talks to.

BeastBoy’s Kiss. Chapter 1: First Kiss or First Lick? It was a calm Saturday afternoon in Jump City. Robin and Cyborg were playing football, Starfire watched Robin fondly as he evaded Cyborg’s attempts to tackle him. Raven sat under a tree hovering a foot or two above the ground meditating.

Summary. Part 1: Beast Boy writes a song to tell Raven how he feels about her. Part 2: Beast Boy goes on tour with his song, but it upsets Raven. Plot Part 1. The first part of this episode starts off with Beast Boy entering the Titan’s living room, wearing a bow-tie, holding a bouquet of roses and says they are for Raven. Starfire comments it was a romantic gesture while Cyborg adds the bees.

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Jun 25, 2020  · While Cassie and Conner’s relationship was primarily featured in comics. Raven and Beast Boy’s dynamic was also shown in the Teen Titans TV show.Although they never became a couple, it allowed Geoff Johns to build on the dynamic between Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire without the fear of alienating new comic readers who hadn’t read Marv Wolfman and George Perez’ reboot in.

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